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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Your Friend's Claws

Many humans who live with cats seem to feel it is necessary to declaw their loving friend. We don’t look at things in the house in the same way you humans do but we can be taught to use a scratching post if we are provided with one. Then we will leave your precious thing alone (and remember our claws are precious to us.) If you do remove the claws of your kitty please remember that claws are our main source of defense so you will need to give your friend an extra amount of protection.

There are some things humans do not understand about our claws. They are not like your finger and toe nails. First off our claws are attached to the bone in our feet so damage to our claws can impact the adjacent bony structures. Cat claws contain blood vessels and nerves so if you try to clip them please be careful not to go to deep. Our paws are much more sensitive under normal conditions then human hands and feet so it can be difficult for humans to treat painful claw conditions without our reacting unfavorably.

Because of rapidly dividing cells in the nail bed there is a greater chance of developing aggressive cancer cells there. Limping, loss of a claw, or a swollen toe can often be signs that something may be more amiss then a simple injury. Please keep tabs on your kitty friends claws and paws.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Cat Bites Dog

This story I have mixed emotions about (yes cats do have emotions.) There is a man who has a dog named Tiki. This man also lives in an area where there are mountain lions. The man left Tiki outside alone unprotected. So he was out around 11:30 p.m. I really don't know why Tiki was outside; maybe it was because he does not have a sand box inside. A mountain lion saw Tiki as an easy meal and grabbed the dog. The man heard the commotion on his deck and ran out and charged the mountain lion chasing him off.

Now here is where I get the mixed emotions. Mountain lions are cats and I am a cat so I see the big kitty’s point of view. I also know that Sadie Cat, the original owner of this blog, was killed by two dogs and that was just for sport. But I also know some people do love their dogs just like Bill loves me. So here is the thing: If you have pets and you live in areas were there are wild animals that might see your pets as food protect your pets. Do not leave them outside alone especially at night.  

Tiki survived the experience with only minor injuries. 

(Oh just for the record Bill likes dogs. Some people have no taste.) 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Life Jacket For Your Boating Pet

Yes it is true that cats and dogs can swim but the question is for how long? If for some reason your pet should fall overboard while you have your attention drawn to something else it could take some time before you notice and are able to search for your friend. Your pet will be very low in the water and thus may not be able to see land. So they may swim in circles until they tire out and drown. 

Keep your pet safe if you take them with you in a boat. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Cat's Eye View of Melaleuca

Did you know there are over 40 different applications of Meleuca products specifically for cats described in the Melaleuca Wellness Guide?

If you are concerned about the health of your family, that includes your pets, you will check out the Melaleuca products.

Melaleuca products are safer for humans because they do not contain dangerous chemicals. There are many serious injuries from inhaling the fumes, having skin contact, or ingesting dangerous chemicals that are used in everyday household products. Many illnesses such as cancer, asthma attacks, heart disease, and many more are linked directly to those same dangerous chemicals. Young humans are frequently the victims of accidental poisoning from household chemicals.

Melaleuca products are safer for the pets in the house for the same reason they are safer for humans in the house. While pets are not usually the ones responsible to do the cleaning around the house they do live in the environment these cleaners leave. Some of us are more susceptible to the damage these products cause then humans. Like young humans young cats, dogs, ferrets, and more are playful and curious which gets them into things that are dangerous. This may be chewing through an empty cleaner bottle or even worse one that is not empty and consuming some of the product with dangerous chemicals.

Melaleuca products are safer for our planet. The Earth is our home; we live here. We drink the water it provides, breathe the air that envelops it, and eat the food it produces. If pollution puts the toxic chemicals humans are using everyday in the home into the air and water then we all have to eat and breathe them. Humans, pets, domestic animals, and wild animals are all placed at risk.

Please do your part and remove toxic cleaners and other toxic chemical from your home.

Learn more [CLICK HERE].                                                               

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Humans Can Be So Unfair

This is just not right. The humans just sit there and did nothing. [CLICK HERE].

Monday, November 19, 2012

Winter Months And Cold Weather Are Coming

I have got it made. Bill keeps me inside at night where it is warm and dry; it is also safe from dogs and other dangerous animals. During the day he lets me out but I usually don't stay out very long because it is more comfortable in his office

Some cats don't get to spend the night inside and it gets cold at night You humans like a nice warm place when it is cold. Well we cats also like to keep warm but sometimes cats do foolish things to keep warm. They will clime upon the warm engine of a car and try to keep warm. So please when you go out to start your car during these winter months at least bang on the hood so as to chase any cats that may have strayed in there out.

So to all you cats out there have a happy Thanksgiving and to the dogs and humans I wish the same. Even if you don't live in the United States you still can be thankful with us on the third Thursday of November each year.